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Good Reads



The Art of Thinking Clearly,  Rolf Dobelli.  Translation by Nicky Griffin. HARPER 2013. An imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers  New York.

 ISBN 978-0-6234396-3


Buy it.  It is an easy read.  Topics page after page. Read it. Don’t panic in the introduction and no no no he does not slight Harvard! Read it.  If you are young read it.. you may make fewer mistakes than I did. If you are old read it, you will waste less of your precious life.  If you are ill read it you will have something other than pain to think about. If you prefer to do your own thinking read it … clear tips are offered! 


the Complexity Paradox,  Kenneth L. Mossman, Oxford University Press. NY.  2014. ISBN 978-0-19-9333034-8


       This book is a  'Godsend' to the person who feels a knowledge gap.  This book is for that adult or brighter child who wants to understand what is difficult to explain.  This book is for the person who when asked a question by another can admit  ' Oh my goodness I struggled to understand this for years !  Now I finally understand so much more.  Thanks to Dr. KL Mossman!'   



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