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Can One Elderly Person Make a Difference?

We shall see. I intend to try. If I could make a difference here are some of the issues I ask people to work towards solving in my lifetime.

For those who will automatically think of more serious issues, that is wonderful. More of us acting with fewer complaining, that alone could help people reduce stress and worries. Helping others has been shown to lessen depression and hostility.

These are two areas I would like to see addressed by people more powerful and more intelligent than myself.

1. That the shelves in supermarkets and fuel stations were labelled. Labelled so that those buying food items or drinks could feel secure that they were choosing wisely. Imagine if each shelf with food/drinks high in carbohydrates was labelled as UNSUITABLE FOR DIABETICS. Supposing it was made LAW? A law to tell the truth! The savings in Health Insurance costs alone could be spent for research. Research to prevent diabetes and…

2. An effective safe, dare I say ‘Cat Friendly’ medication that could be put into the food of street cats. A medication that would stop the proliferation of abandoned and unwanted cats It is impossible for me to believe the brains in the world of Veterinary Science have not been able to make an effective, safe, and non cruel contraception medication that can be fed to street cats. If not then shame on us. We may not be able to help the starving homeless child where-ever they may be, perhaps if we start showing compassion where we can our world will improve.

In terms of money! Well, think of the money governments world-wide would save if their health bill was reduced X amount of money per Diabetic per year. They say costs reach thousands of dollars just in disposables.


That people will explain the medication for cat is simply not available yet my response is:

Why not?

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