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For those who commented and asked; and for those who did not.

Many will have a GPS in their car and remember the letters represent the words Global Positioning System. The GPS helps us to reach destinations on earth.

Conscience is the term given to a group of thoughts clustering around the concept of right and not right for some; and, right and wrong for others. The GPS is usually an accurate guide as is our conscience.

When young we acquire knowledge of rules from parents or caregivers. As adults we refine our conceptual thinking.

Some believe that injecting a baby or child with a vaccine is unethical because safety has not been established. Others do not agree.

Some believe humans should have choices. Those, who after reading deduced that they did not want vaccinations either for themselves, their babies or children, have come into conflict with others who believe that this deduction is unscientific and, an irresponsible stand.

Some believe that humans ought to be able to follow their conscience; that no one should be forced to have anything inserted or injected into their or their children’s bodies.

With the concept of freedom in mind, these people ask that each think, pray; then follow their conscience with reference to Laws that fail to protect conscientious objectors and their children.

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