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Hello Sophy,

You asked me for help to write your assignment and I have been thinking for some time.

Your questions seemed to be these:

How does an unhappy child become happy.

How does a happy child become happier? If I have not understood do please write again and tell me.

These interesting questions are often asked by adults, so it is awesome that they are coming from a youngster.

Your questions are not easily answered.

WRONG WRONG WRONG! Dear me! They are easily answered; the challenge lies in finding out where happiness lives and use the knowledge.  Some people never work it out until they are as old as the old woman in the shoe!

Today almost everyone can try to work out the answers to questions that bug us!

So, to help you Sophy, your bright young person, here is a challenge!

My challenge is to any one, very young, or very old, or any age. Most of us, old or young want to be happy.

Sometimes, if you look you can even see a happy animal!

Write to same website contact address, and tell me:



I hope you have an awesomely wonderful week, and you share it with your family.

Love from, Ruthless.

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