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This site is for anyone who can help people learn the joy of language;  the joy of understanding others and being understood;  the joy of hearing a child shout:


This site exists because I wanted and needed it to exist.   I am hoping that writing will reduce my need to inform adults or older children in food courts or coffee shops that the toddler in their care and myself, have had fifteen minutes of eye contact.  That the child smiles shyly at me, whilst the adults tap/text on electronic devices.  My being able to publicly write might help me avoid the strong desire to drop  mobiles/devices into coffee cups.

I enjoy writing in coffee shops.  I enjoy seeing people.  It saddens me to see children left without a chance to have conversation because 'mummy's' been chatting with her friends for two hours and toddler is tired of pushing chairs around or running and screaming for fun.  Fun or frustration?


        I created this site to help me improve myself. I am not able to explain why but writing helps me think. Truth we have a right to try to improve ourselves in the best way open to us. Fact is I wish there were more people doing it. It would certainly make driving safer.


          Today significant numbers of academics are pleading with Judges to grant  'human status' to some animals.  Why?  Because it seems that some animals are capable of rudimentary thinking.  With 'human' status the law would require humane treatment for some animals.  I recall a distressed friend.  It was her last day caring for apes in a zoo.  One ape who had not interacted with her for three years, sat nearby as she tried to hide her tears from the other more friendly apes.  As she was about to close the enclosure gate for the last time,  the unfriendly ape peeled a banana and handed it to my suffering friend.


        There is no doubt I write to help myself understand:


Why some animals think like humans and we humans sometimes think like animals?

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